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Episode 1: The Launch of the Ref pod

Episode 2: Massive breaking news from The FA regarding points deductions

Episode 3:

We have former Millwall FC CEO Andy Ambler and the current Director of Professional Game Relations for the FA. Hear Andy tell the lads some exclusive Referee information that could change the game going forward in relation to on-field transparency between the refereeing teams and the audience, amongst other inside information from the heart of the English game!

Episode 4:

Let's go over to Peter Walton! Peter was an absolutely brilliant guest, didn't hold back right from the start - with amazing insight into how things are created by the scenes to telling us where his favourite ground to ref and also the best players he saw whilst reffing. - one was that good he forgot to blow the whistle. You do not want to miss this!

Episode 5: The team get together this week to speak with ex-Premier League referee Jeff Winter.  Jeff talks about the changes in the game, his FA cup final experience and his favourite place to referee football matches plus much, much more. This episode is not to missed!

Episode 6: This week the boys are joined by one of the very best in the business - Sam Wallace, Chief Football writer of the Daily Telegraph. Sam shares his passionate views on the difficulties facing the referees in the modern game and also tell us who his favourite player was. Great insight from yet another angle from the Ref Pod - Not to be missed!

Episode 7: This episode see's us interview the King of mid-morning radio and the man who put the excitement into transfer deadline day - the one and only Mr Jim White. Ryallzey is an absolute super fan of his show on Talksport and Jim does not disappoint as the four of them chew through all the latest talking points!


Episode 8: An intriguing listen to one of the greats of the refereeing world - there wasn't many high profile matches that Rodger Gifford didn't cover and the people he encountered. Listen to his tales of Alex Ferguson and the late great Johan Cruyff, plus many more. This episode is not to be missed!

Episode 9: The guys chat about the new offside proposal whilst reminiscing about the guests they've had so far. On this episode the also speak to young Max about starting his refereeing journey as a 14 year old boy. This episode has a real 'lads at the pub feel', plenty of laughs and talking about behind scenes stuff with the guests so far...

Episode 10: After challenging our listeners to come on and share their experiences of reffing we had Scott approach the team. As an 18 year old player who assaulted a referee, got banned for 5 years and now he is a ref - the journey really has come full circle!

Episode 11: This is a MAMMOTH episode but it was simply to good to cut short. On this episode the lads speak to one of the great educators and influencers behind the beautiful game Troy Townsend who works for Kick It Out. We pretty much discuss everything around the the stuff people tend to shy away from to give an honest and balanced opinion on racism in sport and in society before turning out attentions to Troy's pet of choice whilst mixing this up with plenty of laughs, it really is not to be missed!


Episode 12: This week the lads were delighted to get on the pod Jules Browning. This was all over the sports news this week when Pompey fan and grassroots ref was enjoying the game with his wife when disaster struck and the game was in need of his assistance. Listen to this amazing story and find out what unfolded in this amazing story!


Episode 13:  Back after a short break with special guest Anthony Harris on the show who is a Trailblazing ref defying the authorities and wearing a body cam whilst refereeing mens football games. The difference is night and day with how the abuse has almost stopped.

Also, Wayne & Martin clash over VAR so we ask you, should it be scrapped?