Should League and County Cup Finals include observers?

An interesting question has been raised within the Ref Support UK forum on Facebook;

Should League & County Cups be appointed a Referee Observer? 

This then of course raised a few more questions such as;

How would the League or County decide on what Observer should be appointed?

Is it fair for a Referee to be observed in a League or County Cup Final if they have worked hard enough throughout the season to be appointed to that match in the first place?

We have learned that some County FA’s and Leagues already have this process in place, some other County’s only have this in place for their most Senior Cup Finals as the Referee in the middle is normally on their way up the ladder and the Observer is from TheFA and not the County.

Ref Support UK wants to hear your views on this subject and we’re looking forward to the results that will no doubt be very mixed!

All comments for and against are more than welcome!