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Statement – David McNamara

The 21 day suspension of referee Dave McNamara by the Football Association (The FA) for using “Rock Paper Scissors” for the kick off procedure is in our opinion a disproportionate punishment for this offence.

We believe it was correct to charge Mr McNamara with the offence under law however, we feel a letter of advice would have been more appropriate than a suspension.

This punishment could result in Mr McNamara missing ten (10) games of the season which is the equivalent to the punishment Luis Suarez received for biting an opponent.

We would also like to state that the coin is not mentioned in Law 5 as a compulsory piece of referee’s equipment and we ask The FA to request a change to Law 5 to International Football Association Board (IFAB) to include a coin as a compulsory piece of equipment as this seems to be a clear oversight by IFAB and its technical advisors.

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