Speak UP App

iTrust is a speak up platform that can be used completely anonymously.

In every walk of life the opportunity to speak up and report abuse and discrimination and other issues can be difficult if the people or organisation you are reporting is the one causing the problem.

In football and refereeing, many people will not speak out due to their concerns of not being heard or the fear of consequences for speaking up. To combat this, we have partnered with iTrust who are an independent speak-up service provider, that empowers both individuals and organisations to discover the truth. Based on experience, iTrust truly understand the needs of those who report wrongdoing and provide the highest quality reporting to those assessing their information. iTrust will give referees a safe, anonymous voice to report wrongdoing. iTrust was formed to allow the voices of those with knowledge of wrongdoing to be heard in a safe, anonymous, and non-judgemental environment.

iTrust gives referees a safe, anonymous voice that will allow a healthy and sustainable speak-up culture to referees. This provides a comprehensive analysis of the issue with practical advice to bring about a resolution.

If you feel that you have been abused, threatened or attacked or discriminated against as a ref or employee in refereeing or football in general and you are too scared to speak up, you can now do so completely anonymously by using the  iTrust.

You can make a report by visiting https://ref-support-uk.theitrustapp.com/ or Scan the QR below and that will take you to the Speak Up Platform where you can make your report.