Report by Ceri Travers. Ref Support Junior Football Club and Parental Referee Ambassador

The report below was driven by Ceri Travers who is a parent of a 14 year old referee who was verbally abused on his first ever game.

Ceri and her son, were disappointed with how their case was handled and the verdict of “Not Proven” against the culprits. This case is now with The Fa Head of Judicial Services at Wembley and we are awaiting the result of this appeal.

The policies, procedures and processes Ceri and her son encountered had such an impact on her that she was compelled to create this report, with our help. She contacted every referee association in the country as well as the parents of youth referees who had endured similar incidents.

The results are attached and are shocking insight to how referees as young as 14 have to endure threats and verbally abuse. These referees had faith in the FA discipline system but are left feeling disenfranchise due to their cases not being dealt with in a manner they deemed appropriate.

We thank Ceri for her drive, enthusiasm, diligence and commitment to creating this report and hope the FA engage with all stakeholder in football to create an environment that encourages participation for all in a safer environment than it is now.

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