Ref Support UK Team up with The Met Police, Kingston to deliver Young Engagement Initiative.

We are delighted to be able to help young people get into refereeing and increase their employability by teaming up with The Met Police Kingston.

The plan is to extend this across the country and positively engage our youth giving them opportunities to see the game from a unique point of view. This will also give our youth the opportunities to earn money, keep fit and have a positive affect on their life and the game.


Thanks to The Met Police Kingston for working with us and to the other police forces across the country that enables us to reach young people who want to be involved in the game but have not been given an opportunity to do so.

The cost of the referees course as well as refs kit are real barriers our youth face before they can become a referee. Taking these barriers away, as well as ensuring our youth are supported off the pitch, will create an environment that will allow them to flourish. The cost is covered by donations and sponsorship we receive from the public and businesses.

As ever thank you to everyone who has donated or sponsored us that helps us deliver support to those who need it.


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