Ref Buddy: Don’t Struggle in silence

 Ref Buddy

Free Emotional support

Ref Buddy understands that behind every whistle is a human being.

The role can be challenging, for many different reasons. At times we could all do with some support or someone to talk to. Although the support network our family and friends provide us cannot be underestimated, they rarely get to meet the secret parts of us that we hide from society. You may not even have a trusted person in your life who you can turn to for support.

You no longer have to struggle in silence.

Referees can now  be offered free professional counselling by Ref/Talk Buddy. Ref Buddy aims to provide a compassionate and confidential space for open discussions about your thoughts, feelings and mental health concerns. These can be fully explored without any pressure and without feeling judged, shamed or ostracised.

Brian, the founder of Talk Buddy, is a fully qualified professional counsellor. He has a wealth of experience as a professional therapist and has over 30 years of experience in sports and high stress professions. His understanding of the importance of mental health and the unique challenges that individuals in high stress roles face inspired him to found Talk Buddy (Ref Buddy).

Ref Buddy is in your corner.

For free 45-minute online support sessions, Brian can be contacted through his Talk Buddy counselling website.