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All over the World the term “Minifootball” is recognised as the official brand of 5/6/7 and 8 a side football. Over 100 Million players play every week around the world and The World Minifootball Federation (WMF) is the largest and officially recognised governing body for this form of football. The WMF are effectively the FIFA of this brand of football.

They deliver The WMF World Cup which is the largest event for this form of football in the World and is only bettered by the Olympics

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For games played in Europe, The EMF are the governing body so effectively they operate similar to UEFA for this form of Football.

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Obviously, to have so many players playing this amazing brand of football, you need referees. Minfootball has has some of the best referees in the World officiating their games and they have some of the best referee educators supporting Minifootball Referees.

The unique refereeing point about refereeing with organisations like this in the UK is that you, as a referee, can qualify to referee at international competitions all over the World.  You must be affiliated to the Great Britain Minifootball Union as a referee and referee at a league we organise or one of our partner leagues in the UK.


Referee Seminar in Sofia 2023

60 of the top referees in European Minifootball will take part in the annual Referee’s seminar programme of the European Minifootball Federation. The event will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria from the 28th to the 30th of July.

The referees will have all kit provided and it’ll be awaiting the attendees when they arrive in the Bulgarian capital, then the officials will have the chance to listen to insightful lectures from experienced Minifootball Referee’s, Nemanja Ljumovic and Alexander Kostadinov, Chairmen of the Referee Committee in the EMF.

Yordan Ivanov, a Professor of Football, will be another Lecturer at the event. The implementation of VAR in Minifootball will also be an important topic to discuss at the seminar.

The referees will also have a high intensity fitness test on the pitches near their hotel. At the event, more information will be revealed for the upcoming competitions in the EMF calendar.

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