EMF Minifootball


What is Minifootball?

It’s 5/6/7 a Side but not as you know it.


Minifootball is the most popular played sport in the world. What separates football from Minifootball is the size of the pitch, goals and number of players.

Below is short video of Minifootball in Action at the EMF Business Cup which is one of the biggest corporate competitions in the World and is played in Antalya Turkey.


Minifootball is played across the globe in different versions of 5,6,7,8 a side mainly on artificial grass but can also be played on natural grass. It is the largest form of the game and is played by Millions of people all over the World.

Our form of the game is played by amateur players and is the largest form of amateur football in the World.

The Great Britain Minifootball Union (GBMFU) is the governing body of Minifootball in the UK and has sole UK rights for qualification to all European Minifootball Federation (EMF) competitions. GBMFU are affiliated to the (EMF) who are the European Governing Body since 2008

The EMF are Affiliated to the World Minifootball Federation (WMF) who are the World Governing body for Minifootball. The WMF recently held the WMF Minfootball World Cup in  Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE.

The Great Britain Minifootball Union (GBMFU) hold the rights for the England, Scotland and Wales 6 a side teams and offer amateur players across the UK a path to represent their country and play in International competition like in the recent World Cup in the UAE.

See England 6 a side play on the link below.