Member Benefits

Ref Support offer an independent support mechanism for referees at all levels, we are all about the development of referees both their on and off field performance, upskilling them so they are better prepared for every eventuality. ‘Ref Support Education Hubs’ are central to our programme offering mentoring, coaching, theory and practical training and many other forms of development.

Other benefits included in the membership are outlined below:

  • Provides guidance, advice and support to referees at predominantly grassroots level and above as appropriate.
  • Offers the opportunity for education, training and development through an academy structure, both accredited and non-accredited education.
  • To provide regular theory and practical development events through local hubs.
  • Provide the opportunity to engage in a mentoring and/or coaching scheme.
  • Supported by generic and football specific e-learning modules, tactical and soft skills.
  • To support members - listen, advise and challenge when there seems to be an injustice or systems are not seen to be open and transparent by providing free legal consultations.
  • Represents members to the controlling bodies of association football.
  • HR advice –free initial consultation.
  • Free 30 minutes of employment legal advice.
  • 10% discount on hotel and travel through our partner.
  • 10% Discount for Sports Officials Consultancy online shop resources and equipment.
  • Access to job opportunities in sport.
  • Discount on head set communications kits.