Interview with our Youth Ambassador

Ryan Hampson











Q. What County FA do you fall under?

A. Lancashire County FA


Q. How long have you been refereeing?

A. Just over 3 years


Q. What level are you?

A. Level 5


Q. What is the highest level you have achieved?

A. Level 5


Q. What other roles within TheFA or Football do you have?

A. I currently have no direct roles with TheFA apart from Refereeing, however in my own time I do go and watch a few local level 8-7 referees and give them support and advise where I can.


Q. What drove you to become a referee?

A. I was a rubbish footballer, had two left feet and I love the game and wanted to stay involved in some capacity so took up the black whistle.


Q. What was your best experience as a Referee?

A. Getting the chance to officiate at the Dallas Cup in 2017. It was a fantastic experience and I would advise anyone thinking of going to get their tickets booked!


Q. What was your worst experience as a Referee?

A. Probably the move from Manchester CFA to Lancashire CFA it was so bitter, I met some amazing people at Manchester over the 3 years I was there and I guess that just completely broke down once the media campaign was started by myself, although I felt little support from certain people there were definitely some fantastic guys within Manchester who I do still miss speaking to now.


Q. If you could change one thing about Referees or the Referee Role what would it be and why?

A. That all referees are given a fair opportunity and this stigma around “keep your mouth shut or you won’t go anywhere” is diminished. I have always believed in freedom of speech and I am certainly an advocate for it.


Q. What set of skills do you bring to RefSupport UK?

A. I’m Young, enthusiastic, bubbly and willing to learn and develop. (The latter two being exactly what I have done over the last fantastic 12 months)


Q. What is your role within Ref Support UK and what responsibilities do you have?

A. I have been an Ambassador for RefSupportUK since April 2017 and it has been brilliant. My role is to help and support young referees with issues on and off the pitch, just to be a helping hand and guide them in the right direction of who to speak to, always listen to them and their views and help put a plan together of where to go next with it. I also help with general day to day duties of being an Ambassador for a charity e.g. emails and phone calls.

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