Interview with our BAME Ambassador

Reuben Simon











Q. What County FA are you affiliated to?

A. Middlesex County FA (Associate member of Surrey County FA)


Q. How long have you been refereeing?

A. 17 Years


Q. What Level are you?

A. Level 5


Q. What is the highest level you have reached?

A. Level 3


Q. What other roles within TheFA or Football do you do and at what levels?

A. I mentor Level 4 Referees


Q. What drove you to become a referee?

A. It was by chance, I played Semi-Professional football for Feltham FC and whilst being out injured, I was watching a game “offering the Referee some advice” . A Referee called Richard Seuke who’s dad was the Chairman challenged me to take the course and to his surprise I agreed. The rest is history.


Q. What was your best experience as a Referee?

A. Refereeing Two Cup Finals in successive seasons at Meadow Lane Home of Notts County and being asked to sit at the top table for the dinner after the match with the former England Captain Dave Watson.


Q. What was your worst experience as a Referee?

A. Starting a Senior Match and suddenly realising the home club had failed to put out the corner flags.


Q. If you could change one thing about Referees or the Referee Role what would it be and why?

A. To encourage Senior Referees to respond publicly, if they are criticised publicly by a Manager. Fairness requires a right of reply.


Q. What set of skills do you bring to RefSupport UK?

A. In business roles I’ve held positions where, I’ve sat in on meetings and represented the concerns of colleagues and helped provide credible solutions. Currently I a representative The Middlesex Referees Association at the Middlesex Referees Committee. I always make it clear that in other roles my views are my own.


Q. What is your role within Ref Support UK and what responsibilities do you have? 

A. To support and advise Referees in areas such as Report writing, so that we encourage better discipline from players which should result in less Referees wanting to quit due to abuse. Also as a Black Referee I am able to offer advice to Referees who feel they have faced discrimination based on their Race and share with them some of the additional challenges it’s possible that they may experience from a BAME viewpoint.

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