Facebook Membership and Engagement Increase

For everyone that’s joined up to the Ref Support UK Facebook group, they will notice the rapid increase of activity on the group and we thought that now would be a good time too look into the figures in a bit more detail over the last 60 days!

New Members: 321 +16%

Members: 2,112 +18%

306 Individual Posts, 4,561 different comments and 5,319 reactions from our members.

We have a strong active membership of 1,868 people with our most popular day of the week for engagement being Sunday followed by Tuesday!

Our most active post was that of Russell when we had a online discussion with members of the RA when their meeting was cancelled due to the bad weather, this post had 168 comments, 119 likes and 994 reactions!

Posts in general are up by 38% and comments up by 75% with reactions also up by 36%.

Our top contributor over the past 28 days is Chris Robinson with 9 Posts and 75 Comments! Always great comments and feedback with amazing discussion points! Thanks for you input Chris!

Out of our total membership we have a gender split of 93% to 7% in favour of males with the most popular age range being 25-34 closely followed by 18-24 year olds!

Mourn top two countries for membership are the United Kingdom followed by Nigeria.

In the United Kingdom we have the most members from London then followed by Weston-Super-Mare, Bristol and Liverpool!

These figures are amazing to read and we will be keeping a close eye on them over the next 60 days and will be generating a new report in the middle of May!

Our Ambassador and Compliance Advisior commented on the figures;

“These figures are a great reflection on the hard work that Ref Support UK continue to do in and around the world of Refereeing. It’s clear to say that with growth in all areas of the figures Ref Support are clearly still attracting new members and supporters for the Charity and every new member or supporter is an extra helping hand to support referees in all their ventures.”

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