Education Programme

Welcome to Ref Support Education programme. In partnership with Sports Officials Consultancy who are unique in their field and are passionate about the development of people. We are pleased to share with you the details of the courses we offer covering areas Continued Professional Development (CPD) both football specific and generic core and soft skills, all of which have been designed to meet the needs of referees.

Our workforce development comprises of a range of courses that cover all aspects of the support mechanism required to provide a balanced learning environment for referees at all levels, from soft skills to coaching and mentoring. The CPD modules are a variety of work shop or online interactive modules focused around football specific and generic areas of development, these courses and modules of training are targeted at all levels of experience from newly qualified to elite referees.

We have developed a full suite of accredited bespoke qualifications for the development of referees from education levels 2 to 7. These include sport specific and generic qualifications to meet the needs of all sectors of the football referee workforce. Our qualifications offer a unique flexibility of content and delivery to suit the individual learner.

This full suite of courses has been designed specifically for referees, focusing on the generic principles that thread through the skills and requirements of the role regardless of the sport. We believe these courses will up skills and raise the profile of referees within the sport and therefore support the theory of better developed and qualified referees can only add value to the satisfaction and growth in participation across football, therefore meeting the needs of the national organisation.