We pride ourselves in preparing referees to meet the demands of the modern game by using up to date practices, procedures, training methods and supported by a dedicated team. Our coaches are all experienced, credible, passionate and committed to working with each referee to help them reach their own potential.

With a blended learning approach, we will work with each referee and adopt a learning style that suits them as individuals; we won’t dictate how they learn, we will create a two-way relationship built on trust with a flexible approach to how, when and where they learn and develop.


What is Coaching?

  • Coaching is a structured planned relationship to achieve an outcome
  • It is a cooperative and collaborative relationship, with individuals mutually engaged in developing and improving the performance of the referee
  • The coach guides and facilitates the referee to analyse, explore and experiment in learning new skills in order to improve performance
  • It’s a long term relationship


Principle of Coaching Referees

  • A Coach will use a blend of observation, talking, listening, questioning and reflecting
  • Builds up a special relationship where people are treated as equals
  • Learns from disappointments as well as successes
  • Gets results by doing rather than simply talking
  • Empowers others – by sharing skills and experiences
  • Plans an ongoing relationship rather than a one-off event


“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance”