We call on IFAB to make a statement about the increase in Violence towards referees.

The recent terrible events is Malta is another escalation in the abuse and assault of Match Officials.


We call on IFAB to make a statement at their AGM Meeting in Northern Ireland on February 29th as to the increase in assaults on match officials around the World and what they plan to do about it.

IFAB are the law makers of World Football and have a duty of care to Match Officials around the World. Their lack of any public show of support to match officials is a concern to us.

They change the Laws of the game yearly and expect the match officials around the World to apply these laws without any form of real protection.

We ask them again to state why they amended Law 5 to include the words “No Cameras” and who recommended this change. We believe it is irresponsible of IFAB to restrict the use of body camera to protect referees when body cams have been proven to be a clear deterrent to abuse and a reliable method to capture evidence if the unthinkable occurs. Body Cams are also a legal device on public and private land.

Below are recent news paper article from Malta.


Player who beat up referee fined €100, barred from ground for one year