A poem for an Arm Chair Ref.

Arm Chair Ref

I’m out refereeing even at Christmas time

You see me in all weathers, I do this all part time

In Snow and Sun even rain, also heavy sleet

They say I can’t play the game cos I’ve got two left feet

Now I’m no Mark Clattenburg or even Howard Webb

But I’ll be out on Boxing Day and you will be in bed

You’ll spew abuse at me, sitting in your arm chair

You’ll tweet and post and vent your spleen but it really is not fair

Remember refs have feeling, they also love the game

But just like your star forward we’re not the ones to blame

So just like your star forward, just give the ref a break

Refs don’t deserve to see the tweets, you and your mates make.

A Ref is also human I know you’ll find this funny

They never took up Refereeing, to make loads of money

Refs want to enjoy their day and just give you a game

They don’t want to receive abuse nor get called rude names

It really is not nice and it’s really not OK

to tweet the things you did today it’s not “match of the day.”

So, when you’re watching on telly and think I’ve had a mare

Have a look around yourself, you’re still sat in your chair.

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