RSUK Neurodiversity Ambassador


Neurodiversity Ambassador and Coach & Mentor

We are very proud to announce another Ref Support Ambassador.
Nathan Sherratt is an active Football Referee with an off the field story which he uses to inspire and improve the lives of referees of all ages and levels.
Nathan, is managing Director of The Third Team and supports referees by making them aware about all things related to Resilience and Mental Toughness to Enhance their Performance and Improve their Mental Health.
In addition, he works with schools, colleges, universities and in industry, communicating similar messages through the vehicle of refereeing.
Nathan is a Mental Health Ambassador, Autism Charity Trustee and Speaker.

Martin Cassidy CEO of RSUK stated

“ I have known Nathan for some time and have been very impressed with his work, he is a shining example of how to flourish when facing challenges like Autism. I believe bringing in Nathan will give Ref Support UK a unique conduit of support that currently does not exist in the game, I can see no one better than Nathan to offer that support.

I know, through the work I already do, that this sort of support is needed in refereeing as there are many match officials who face these challenges and don’t have a mechanism that recognises their needs.

I am delighted to have Nathan on board,welcome aboard mate”

Nathan commented”

”  I am delighted to be taken up this position with Ref Support UK. It’s something has has meant a lot to me and I have been involved with Martin over along period of time. We worked on a successful Pod Cast together where I met some great guests who I have built up a great rapport. The work RSUL have done has been outstanding, particularly the work around Body Cams. I know RSUK give an amazing amount of support across the country helping refs at their time of need. 

When Martin approached me about working in this role it was clear he had a passion for this kind of support and knowing how passionate I am with the current work I do as a Trustee for an Autism Charity, I was delighted he asked me to be involved and I am very proud to be involved with RSUK who are an amazing organisation that helps and supports referees in many different ways all around the UK”

You can contact Nathan on and you can visit his website at