Another positive meeting with The FA and Ref Support

Ref Support UK had a very productive meeting yesterday with Fraser Williamson, Senior Discipline Manager at The FA who gave a detailed insight to the disciplinary operations at The FA.

Whilst there will be times we disagree, there is a lot of positives coming out of the disciplinary space and more to come including more regulation changes to protect referees.

We also welcome The FA publishing an annual review of their grassroots disciplinary statistics in November to give transparency to the disciplinary space.

For a long time The FA have been accused of showing a lack of transparency and openness when it comes to all matters refereeing and discipline, these positive and open meetings are evidence that this is no longer the case.

The meeting with Fraser is part of a huge change in culture within the FA that has seen positive developments with Ref Support UK and has pathed the way for a new positive relationship that allows a cohesive plan to support referees by looking outwards to other stakeholders in the game and listening to new voices with new ideas.

It is no coincidence that the recent openness and transparency has brought about positive changes such as point deductions, longer bans and the body cam pilot.

Additionally, the welcome announcement that an annual review of grassroots disciplinary statistics will be published will allow everyone to see that The FA have created a robust and cohesive strategy to address the abuse of match officials in the grassroots game.

This annal review will also identify areas where match officials could change their match day response to address abuse earlier in the game that could prevent the escalation of unacceptable behaviour that the game does not want to see.

Martin Cassidy RSUK CEO spoke openly and said “I have never had such a genuine belief that The FA now have a real desire and drive to protect grassroots match officials and this positive change in culture is very clear to see in different departments of the FA.”

We look forward to more positive meetings with The FA that will continue to foster the very positive relationship we have tried to nurture over a long period of time.

#Lovethewhistle #Lovethegame.