“Give the ref a hand”

With the return of football announced by government, we all want the game to come back a better game therefore, we are asking all grassroots/youth clubs to clap out your ref on the first weekend back from lockdown on Easter Weekend. The “give the ref a hand” campaign is encouraging all football stakeholders to make the game a better game together by giving the ref a hand to create a positive environment for us all to play football in, this is a great way of doing it.

The idea was born from the death threats to Mike Dean and the positive response to the Darren Drysdale incident. Both of these incidents were negative events but has encouraged many lovers of our game to come out publicly and support the ref in understanding that the abuse of refs must stop if we are all to see a better game after the recent lockdown.

We have never seen some many high profile players and managers come out in support of referees like we have in response to these events.

The “give the ref a hand” will show that there are far more good people involved in our game than bad and when we all come together in a positive way we can change the game in a very positive way.


Lets not waste this chance to make football a more welcoming and safer environment for all who love our game.


We thank Nationwide Building Society for their support in trying to make the game a better game with the Mutual Respect Awards and supporting the idea of the “Give the ref a Hand” game.